About Us

Saving Sandals, Saving feet, Saving lives

How Seva Sandals Began
We started Seva Sandals because we saw a need that we could help fulfill. It began with our friend Shahla’s after-school program for kids in India. In 2005 we visited her in Rishikesh and she had 12 children – most of whom wore either flimsy, worn out footwear or none at all.  Shahla said the kids needed sturdy, heavy duty sandals that could withstand heavy usage, plus last through many hand-downs from child to child, in a family.

When we got home, we gathered up our old Tevas and asked friends for their used child-sized pairs. We went to Thrift and Consignment stores in our area and bought up what they had. We soon had a pile of 26 pairs to take with us on our next trip to India.

Thus was born *Seva Sandals. Now Shahla’s  Mother Miracle foundation has a full-fledged school with over 450 kids attending. In 2012, with donations from many people, we took over 160 pairs of sandals.

We also send sandals to Ananda community near Pune, India to distribute to the Village children in their area. As you can imagine, there are many, many feet to be shod!

With much joy,
Krishnadas and Mantradevi LoCicero and Katie Church

Krishnadas & Mantradevi LoCicero live at Ananda Village, an intentional spiritual community in northern California. They give workshops on Meditation, Inner Peace and Creativity, and lead pilgrimages to India. Mantradevi is also an artist and paints from her home studio. See: www.expandingarts.com

Katherine (Katie) Church is a public health graduate currently located in Santa Cruz, California, where she works at a nonprofit social research firm as a research analyst. She was excited to help Seva Sandals  in order to help children in India have improved quality of life. (For more information on Katie you can visit her webpage at http://katherinechurch.efolioworld.com.

Seva Sandals is a way we can give and help others give. What easier way can there be than to give away your used sandals? What else where you going to do with those old, unused, but still sturdy pairs of sandals? Make them count. Give them, along with a child in need, a second life!

The mission of this non-profit organization is to provide protective footwear to children in India, that they can maintain quality of life and prevent soil-transmitted diseases and infection.