Through the generosity of many, and the willingness of Pilgrimage participants (see Ananda Spiritual Travels website) to take sandals in their suitcases, last time we transported over 160 pairs of sandals to India. While in Rishikesh we visited Mother Miracle school where we distributed 100 pairs of sandals to the children. Our friend Mahavir also took some to another village near Rishikesh to give to the children there.

Later in the trip we visited Ananda Pune community and gave them to Village children nearby. Dr. Aditya is keeping the rest of them in his clinic to give to those who need them. The children we met throughout India are incredibly sweet. For the most part they are timid, smiley and so very appreciative of their new shoes.

A huge thank you to everyone who has helped and donated toward Seva Sandals. A special thank you to Dora Anderson for her untiring energy and to REI, Keen and Earthrunners companies for their generous donations of sandals.

Here are pictures of some of the kids we’ve met and given sandals to in India.